I purchased a pattern through the website, but I still haven’t gotten the pattern.

Please always remember to check your spam & other folders, as the automated link can sometimes go to those folders. After you’ve checked and it’s still not there, please forward your payment receipt to me at LindasYarnArt@gmail.com with the request for the pattern and I’ll be happy to send it to you.

When do you take custom requests?
I take only 1 custom request per month per customer and I take requests on the 1st of selected calendar months @ 2pm USA EST/EDT NYC time) until I reach my maximum capacity of requests (which happens very quickly, in a matter of hours).

I DO take custom requests during these months:
February, April, June, August, & October.

I will be on hiatus and NOT taking requests during these months:
Jan, March, May, July, September, November & December

Here is the link to request a custom pattern (it is blocked during hiatus months and during request months after it’s locked out).



Also, shop my direct purchase site @


Can I make a change to my original request?

If I have already worked up your image and then you request a change that was not in your original request, there will be a $5.00 re-work fee to compensate for my time and work (if that change is even feasible at all).

How can I get an email to you?

My email address is LindasYarnArt@gmail.com. You may email me for general questions but please use the request link if you are requesting a custom pattern as I will not take requests via direct email.

Is there a website with helpful information for those of us who have not yet bought a pattern and can’t join the closed support group?

Yes, LYA has a public blog with lots of helpful information for newbies and other general information that can also be helpful to all skill levels.

What type of photo works best for written portrait patterns?

The best photo to produce a written pattern from is digital. If a digital photo is not available, please scan the physical photo at the highest resolution for the best clarity. It’s best to have the subject(s) close up, showing sharp, clear features. Glare, graininess or shadows will interfere with getting the best results. Also, PLEASE don’t take a photo OF a photo…..that doesn’t work, and they will not be accepted.

Are these graphs?

No, they are not graphs, they are written patterns that produce photoghans and crochet art pieces.

What method of color changing should I use?

Whatever works best for you; cut & tie is popular but some people manage to use bobbins too, although that can be difficult for portraits due to the huge amount of color changes. There is a lot of detailed help in the public blog: https://lindasyarnart.blogspot.com/2016/08/lindas-yarn-art.html

Can you make a portrait in ‘color?’

Any given photo has up to 256 colors within it. When it’s reduced down to just 6-8 colors the resulting remaining colors appear strange. It must first be reduced to gray scale in order to keep those 6-8 shades/colors looking right. For this reason, portraits are always done either in brown or gray scale with pops of color if desired and where possible.

How many colors/shades are there in a pattern?

Typically anywhere from 6-8 for ease of handling, but if more colors can be found and handled I can do how many colors are requested.

Can a portrait be made pillow sized?

Generally, no it can not, due to being too small to get the detail that passes LYA standards.

Are there any free patterns offered?
What size hook should I use?

‘F – 3.75mm’ is recommended for portraits because it will keep the naturally occurring hole in sc at it’s smallest.

Could I use a different stitch other than single crochet, such as HDC, DC, TSS?

It depends, some images will work but it is not recommended for portraits as it will distort the image.

I’m looking at the pattern and don’t know what “4sc A” etc. means?

It refers to which color to use and how many stitches of said color (typically single crochet for portraits), detailed instructions about it are included on page 2 of your pattern and it references the lettered color legend on page 1.

How much does it cost to have a pattern written?

See the pricing page.

How do I know how much yarn I will need?

Approximate yardage is included in the 2nd page of the pattern.

Which way does the pattern run?

They are worked from side to side (left to right), stitches run vertically, not from bottom to top as is generally typical. This is also mentioned in the instructions of each written pattern.

Which is the ‘clean’ side of the work?

The side the you view the picture from, the backside is where all the knots should be if using ‘cut & tie.’