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Mikey of The Crochet Crowd

Her prices make her in very high demand for photographic processing. … Many will simply leave in you awe

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Nancy Laurie

Yes I got a picture graph from Linda’s yarn art and it is my 1st.graph and I will say it is a challenge and I crocheted for many of years…BUT I love how it is coming out. The best part is that I DON’T. Have to count square. ..thank you Linda

Marilee Buchanan

I love it, simple no squares to count like in a graph much eaiser to do when written!  Make sure you have a work space big enough to accomadate your project ….(building mine ) the things you can make are endless.

Vickie Traughber

Linda you make a very easy to follow pattern. Am working on my 3rd pattern from Linda and must say I am always pleased with the way they turn out. Experienced at this or not I think anyone that can do single crochet will be able to follow her patterns.

Marilyn Liversuch

I Love Linda’s patterns…Way easier to follow as all the work is done for you with the counting..I have also used the same pattern to not only crochet the pattern , but also knit and needlepoint it..Works perfectly..Thxs Linda.

Rose Dragone Nardis

5 Star*****. Great site. Had many patterns written by Linda. Easy to follow. No counting boxes. Always there if I needed help. Patient, caring and always ready to please. I cannot thank Linda enough. Very Trustworthy. God Bless your hard work Linda.

Candy Adams

 Haven’t done the patterns yet but just talking and with Linda’s Yarn Art is just great. She is fast at responding and is very patient with all my questions. I get my patterns tomorrow and I am very excited.

Janet Romeo Guido

Hi, am currently working on a Pooh afghan , love Linda’s easy to follow patterns!! No counting! She can make you any thing you want.

Naomi Sanchez

I sent Linda a photo of a picture i wanted. She quickly replied and within a matter if 1-2 days i got exactly what i wanted!  Looks pretty easy to follow and am very excited to get started! Thank you again Linda!

Sandy Foreman

I have bought and ordered several patterns from Linda’s Yarn Art, one being the I Love U Mom pillow on the page. I ordered a custom one from a photo of me and my dog recently had to put down. I love her patterns cause so much easier on the eyes. The little squares on most graphs are too small. I can convert Linda’s Yarn Art pattern to a pdf and use in adobe and use the highlighter to mark off my row as I go. I have 3 of her patterns goin right now. One I have to do at night so a certain person cant see it….a surprise…. the other 2 I switch back and forths so I dont get bored. She also made me a scarf pattern for my home school which is almost done. Had some friends ask if I can put their graduating yr on it as well told them shouldnt be too hard to do. The 3 I am workin on is the one of my dog and me, shhhhhh The Star Trek one, and the Eye one (in yellow tones)

Tina Bryant

Hello, I just start my mom and dad photo afghan. So easy to read and understand. This is my first time doing this. Linda has help me a lot with my questions. She is really good. Try it you will really like it!!

Lori Williamson

Linda made a pattern for me this weekend. She is awesome. I will definitely be back for more once I get the next pictures I want to do.

Karen Alexander

I’m a lefty and Linda’s Yarn Art also makes life so easy for me! Just sit a crochet…no rewriting patterns for me anymore! I’m in love!! Thank you Linda for putting fun back in crocheting for me and other lefties!

Crystal Jackson Carr

I’m doing a pillow case right now… Not only did Linda do great on the pattern, but I have been able to ask LOTS of questions. Linda never made me feel like I was “bugging” her. I will be doing more crochet patterns by Linda. Don’t forget she has some pretty awsome FREE PATTERNS….

Kandi Stacey Sensebaugh

I have purchased several of Linda’s patterns. She has always replied quickly and her patterns are so reasonably priced. I can not wait to get started . Thank you Linda’s Yarn Art

Tina Bryant

Linda’s does wonderful written patterns! She does a lot of my photos. I am very happy how the photos comes out!! Thanks so much Linda!!!

Robin Mosier-Sexton

Wow, where do I start….I’ve spent money on those $75 patterns you know the dark, messy ones ahh I’ve also found some good ones but I prefer the Best, Linda’s patterns are not only easy to read they are clear, right down to the pixel…she takes the time to make sure they are great, I work in a lab on Photoshop daily I understand what it takes… Thank you for giving the Best patterns. I proudly send people your way… very proud to be a part of this group and I enjoy looking at all your patterns, and you can find answers to any question in her files or her group. I proudly say my patterns are from Linda’s Yarn art.