Use this form to request a custom written pattern. Please upload a single, high-quality photo that you would like to have made into a written pattern.

If it’s a digital photo, please do NOT send a screenshot. Images contain more data than what’s displayed on the screen. For example, the image might be zoomed out in order to fit on the screen, and a screenshot will only save the “zoomed out” version, which has lower resolution and quality than the original, and prevents me from making the very best pattern I can make. The way to get the best image quality is to send me the original digital image, NOT a screenshot.

If you are working with an old print photo, please use a SCANNER on the high resolution setting and then send that scanned image to me in a .pdf, .jpeg or .png format.

If you have a problem attaching an image, let me know in the MESSAGE BOX below and I’ll email you, then you reply and include the image as an attachment. I’ll be in touch after I review your request, let you know if it can be done, and let you know where you’ll be on the queue.



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